Ayurveda, Healing, Lifestyle Coaching, and Transformational sessions.


Ayurveda Nutrition & Lifestyle

with Roberta Vommaro -

Step into a vibrant, radiant, fulfilled, and graceful life! An uniquely tailored consultation with Nutrition, Wellness & Lifestyle tips that will change your life.

Unlike other wellness offerings out there, I emphasize that you don’t have to fit into a predetermined model, trendy diet or lifestyle fad. Each individual is unique and the goal is to identify the best options for you.” - Roberta Vommaro


Consciousness Coaching

with Kjirsten Sigmund - Possessing a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, Kjirsten helps people master the art of meeting life with presence, power, and purpose. Bringing a unique fusion of eastern philosophy and western psychology, Kjirsten’s events, meditation programs, and one on one healing sessions are inspiring, authentic, and dynamically taught from the diverse perspectives of neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, high performance and mindfulness training. As a transformational teacher and inspirational thought leader, she specializes in helping individuals from all walks of life to realize and embody their highest potential.