Maybe you feel that it is time to SHIFT and GROW; that this is the moment you’ve been waiting for but you just don’t quite know how to do it?

Then you need to strengthen the Power of your Projection.


What is your goal?

We all have wishes and areas of our lives we wish to improve or change. These changes can be physical (get more energy, look and feel better), mental (feel less anxious, more focused), emotional (get more confidence and courage), or even spiritual (perhaps you want to go deeper into a Consciousness and awakening experience).


To help you manifest your deepest desires, we have created a series of easy to follow, grounded, and effective online courses, supporting you on your journey of self discovery and transformation.


The Power of Intention


Conscious Purpose


 Visualize this.

After taking our 40 day courses, you feel:

EMPOWERED. You have more trust in yourself and know that you are capable of choosing the right path, to make the right decisions, and to rise to the demands of each moment. (You have more COURAGE.)

VIBRANT. You no longer feel stuck, depressed, anxious, or incapable of changing the circumstances that no longer serve you. Your goals can be easily and naturally met. (You have more ENERGY.)

SUPPORTED. You have inner strength and resilience to change the self-defeating narrative that was going on in your mind. (You have more GRIT.)

You learn to BE YOU, comfortable in your own skin.


What you get

  • Exclusive videos, including a curated movement practice to improve flexibility, stamina, and strength.

  • Kundalini meditations to increase energy & vitality.

  • Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity focused journaling prompts to get you in the right mind set.

  • Weekly videos with further tools including journaling prompts, visualizations and goal setting/ accountability checking.

  • Online support group.

  • Close, ongoing communication to Roberta via email.


Investment: $55



  •  A digital device + Access to Internet

  • Pen & Paper for journaling


Your Commitment

  •  15 mins or more of practice per day, preferably, first thing in the morning.

  • A few exercises and journaling prompts from the videos.

 VIP Package

You get the course, plus two one-on-one 50 min online sessions with Roberta.

VIP Investment: $111