Roberta Vommaro, Senior Instructor

Roberta Vommaro

Studio Founder, Creative Director, Senior Instructor

Previously a lawyer in New York and Brazil, Roberta understands the demands of the corporate world and believes that meditation is the number one tool to achieve well-being while being fully engaged in the world. When she moved to Canada with her husband, she decided to pursue her talent for teaching movement and meditation full-time. Having completed an immense amount of meditation, yoga, and mindful movement study over the course of her life, Roberta has over 16-years of teaching experience, and first began teaching meditation and yoga to doctors at the age of 19. Roberta has been featured in a number of articles, blogs, and magazines, including Yoga Journal, Best Health, and BC Living.

Certified Yoga Teacher

Kundalini and Meditation Teacher

Certified Pilates Instructor

Energy Healing, Lifestyle Coaching, Ayurveda Consultant

Lorena Tatomir

Lorena Tatomir

Pranayma and Yoga Instructor

Lorena Tatomir’s curiosity of ancient traditions led her to India to study Sivananda Hatha and to explore the mythology and philosophy of yoga through direct experience. Since, she has studied in Vancouver, Hawaii and Indonesia to deepen her practice in Vinyasa and Pranayama.

Her classes are infused with an emphasis on breath, proper alignment and offer a dynamic combination of physical postures to coax the mind, cleanse the spirit and fuel the heart. 

Come expand your mindfulness practice and discover the healing qualities that intrinsically exist through a playful journey of inner exploration and and an integral outer expression. Learn more at .

Carly Russell

Carly Russell

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

For over a decade, Carly has been working in Yoga and Rehabilitation exploring how modern science and movement intersects with the many elements of Yoga. Her goal is to help individuals find mobility, strength, and relaxation through a more connected and mindful approach. Her teaching style begins with the breath and works outward, finding ways to promote strength and healing in the body and mind.


Samantha Fazio

sam reiki.jpg

Reiki Practitioner - Registered Reiki practitioner (CRA #:17-169)

Samantha is a dedicated Reiki practitioner and artist. She believes that a balanced and integrated mind, body and soul are vital to a healthy and fulfilled life. Through Reiki (an ancient healing technique where the practitioner channels life force energy into the client’s body), Samantha helps clients to release repressed stress/pain from the system, improving their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Reiki promotes relaxation, greatly reducing stress, improving sleep, and restoring our natural, balanced state of being.