200-Hour Certified Program

Sep 2019 - feb 2020

Yoga Teacher Training

Our in depth Teacher Training Program is a journey. Yoga is evolving, as well as humanity. Your future clients will want to go deeper, beyond core strength or perfecting a posture. Yoga as way of understanding the deeper aspects of our psyches is the new paradigm. We will study this new wholesome approach to Yoga and explore the art of teaching it. You will learn sequencing, raising the frequency, and cuing. Grounded in the ancient techniques of Yoga and meditation, combined with the modern understanding of wellness and science, we will teach you how to guide others through self study designed for maximum growth, healing, and breakthrough.

This training will give you the tools to help you to find your voice and authentic teaching style while supporting you in finding your place in the industry.


OUR Difference

We are not for quantity over quality; you won’t be “just another trainee”, or a face lost in the crowd.

What we do offer, is a truly effective, supportive and integrative approach, rooted in the teachings of Yoga, anatomy, psychology and neuroscience research, that will help you deepen your Yoga practice while guiding others to heal and grow.

In other words, we teach you how to be a teacher and we help you to find your voice and authentic style while supporting you in finding your place in the industry.

And more importantly, we need teachers! Every single trainee is given the opportunity of working with us. We believe in what we teach and we guarantee you will be ready to teach after studying with us.


Topics Covered

Theory and practice of Yoga.

Yoga Philosophy: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and other sacred texts.

Sequencing, safe alignment, and effective cuing.

Understanding energy and frequency - how to “read the room” and respond to what you see.

Use of voice and body language.

The ethical guidelines of Yoga.

Physiology and Anatomy. Applied Neuroscience and Psychology.

Yogic Anatomy: Nadis, Tattvas, Vayus, and Chakras.

Sound Healing and Introduction to Meditation.

The business of Yoga.

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7 weekends from September 2019 - Feb 2020.

Friday's 5:00-9:00pm

Saturday and Sunday's 8:30am - 6:30pm

Weekend Dates - NEW!

Sep 27 - 29

Oct 25 - 27

Nov 22 - 24

Nov 29 - Dec 1

Dec 13 - 15

Jan 24 - 26

Feb 28 - Mar 1


$3480, includes GST + unlimited practice at Salt & Spirit for the duration of the training


3 installments of $1200


5 installments of $760

*All prices in CAD. Includes GST and unlimited practice at Salt & Spirit for the duration of the training.

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Space is limited, reserve early to insure your spot.