Experience the shift.

Do you feel that it is time to SHIFT and GROW? Do you want to improve the quality of your life, as well as help others (clients, family, and friends) in their path to well-being?

Strengthen your practice, learn the science of wellness, and manifest your goals.


What is Projection? Projection is your combined capacity to express yourself in the world and to direct energy toward a desired outcome. It is the way you behave, think, and feel.

As we strengthen our Projection we naturally become more MAGNETIC. And then positive experiences, opportunities, and expansion happen, almost on their own.


Should you take this online course and coaching?

 Visualize this.

After taking this course, you feel:

EMPOWERED. You have more trust in yourself and know that you are capable of choosing the right path, to make the right decisions, and to rise to the demands of each moment. (You have more COURAGE.)

VIBRANT. You no longer feel stuck, depressed, anxious, or incapable of changing the circumstances that no longer serve you. Your goals can be easily and naturally met. (You have more ENERGY.)

SUPPORTED. You have inner strength and resilience to change the self-defeating narrative that was going on in your mind. (You have more GRIT.)

You learn to BE YOU, comfortable in your own skin.

Crystals and manifestation

This CAN happen to You!

Make the SHIFT, take the LEAP, and change your destiny: connect with your

MAGNETIC Projection: the fulfilled life.

This is an online wellness course and virtual coaching that will offer you the tools needed to shift energy, build new patterns of victory, self confidence, and mental balance.

“Roberta is truly a kind and caring person, who manages to always get the best out of each client. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make it a pleasure to learn from her.”

— Helen M (Lawyer)

What you get

  • All 4 Magnetic Projection online courses (2 already launched, 2 to be launched in May & June 2019).

  • In depth knowledge and training in the most current and effective wellness techniques, including Meditation, Energy Healing, Ayurveda (food and plant as medicine), Mystical traditions and Cosmology, Sound Healing.

  • Exclusive videos and tools, including individual, curated wellness and movement practices to improve stamina, vibrancy, and strength.

  • Kundalini Meditations to increase energy & vitality.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity tools to change your mindset and help others to cope with stress, anxiety, and other issues.

  • A total of 4 online one-on-one consultations with Roberta Vommaro, and indefinite support via email.

Investment: $555