Salt & Spirit’s Corporate Meditation

We offer classes and workshops that teach simple and inspiring tools for mindfulness and meditation. We can come to you, or you can come to us. Our teachers keep it modern and easy to learn, grounded in science to back us up.  

We offer single sessions and 4 week Programs, Workshops, and Retreats that are specific to your company's needs. Please read details below, and contact us for more details and inspiration.


What you get

Employee benefits:

Less stress and anxiety

More energy, vitality and well-being

Increased focus, concentration, memory and creativity

Improved problem solving skills

Improved communication skills

Company benefits:

Higher productivity and efficiency

Clearer communication and rapport between team members

Lower absentee rates and employee burnout

A more positive work environment

Boosted creativity and purpose

How does it work?

Custom Classes

Stress Management: Find balance and let go of anxiety.

Focus: Get one pointed, crisp concentration and purpose.

Connect: Practice mindful listening, and active engagement.

Clarity: Experience techniques to lower stress and find a space of clear purpose, balanced emotions, and how to pause - respond versus react.

Through meditation, employees have a chance to reflect and discover a deeper sense of self and purpose. This allows them to better engage with their work and relate to the important role they play in your organization.


On site, customized sessions:

Single session $250 - An individually tailored one-hour class, designed to cover specific goals for your company.

4 Week Program $630 - One hour per week, individually tailored sessions.

8 Week Program $850 - One hour per week, individually tailored sessions.

Corporate Partnership

This is our monthly membership for companies.  For $110 a month, companies can access unlimited classes with up to 5 employees booking in to each class time.  It does not have to be the same 5 employees each time. We only ask that employees pre-register to ensure that there is space in class. For more details and inspiration, please contact us.