In order to fulfill your intentions, your goals, you need to connect with your true, higher, one-pointed

Conscious Purpose


Make the SHIFT, take the LEAP, and change your destiny: connect with your

MAGNETIC Projection: Conscious Purpose.

self care and self confidence

This is an online course, and group coaching that will offer you the tools needed to shift energy, build new patterns of victory and self confidence.

“Roberta is truly a kind and caring person, who manages to always get the best out of each client. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make it a pleasure to learn from her.”

— Helen M (Lawyer)

What you get

  • Exclusive videos, including a curated movement practice to improve flexibility, stamina, and strength.

  • Kundalini meditations to increase energy & vitality.

  • Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity focused journaling prompts to get you in the right mind set.

  • Weekly videos with further tools including journaling prompts, visualizations and goal setting/ accountability checking.

  • Online support group.

  • Close, ongoing communication to Roberta via email.

Investment: $77


About Roberta Vommaro

Roberta will bring healing energy, direct action steps, and guidance in movement, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, healing, and more as a:

Certified Movement Specialist

Certified Kundalini Teacher

Breathwork and Energy Specialist

Certified Coach and Ayurveda Specialist

Certified Yoga Teacher for over 15 years

Former lawyer, who knows how demanding and stressful corporate life can be.



  •  A digital device + Access to Internet

  • Pen & Paper for journaling

Your Commitment

  •  15 mins or more of practice per day, preferably, first thing in the morning.

  • A few exercises and journaling prompts from the videos.