I help creative & conscious individuals translate their dreams and visions into pragmatic, grounded, and actionable steps, to finally create the bigger life & business experience they deserve.

Do you have an amazing business idea, or vision, or goal, but have no idea where to start?

Do you feel tired of working in your field (or company, or business), but just feel that you can’t change careers because you’re afraid of not having money to pay the bills?

Are you a creative, artistic, or sensitive type who feels that the corporate world is foreign to you, that money corrupts, and that there is no way you can master financial intelligence?

Are you waiting for your next breakthrough/ promotion/ recognition from outside?

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, know that you are not alone. I get you. And I have been there myself.

I am here to tell you that this can change.


About Roberta

My greatest joy in life is to hold space and help others to find the purpose, clarity, and confidence to live the life they wish - and deserve - to live.

Originally from Brazil, I spent years studying to be a lawyer, eventually working in one of the biggest Law firms in Latin America and New York - only to find out that it wasn’t my true calling. I was disappointed with the corporate world; the non-stop search for money and the systematic corruption depressed me. I quit a promising career in International Law to teach Yoga & Meditation full time. I made a vow of not being like the rest of the corporate world; I stopped wearing nice clothes and spending money on myself. I offered voluntary and free work, focusing solely on “helping others”. And then I got extremely tired. Energetically depleted, fatigued, and on top of it all, struggling with anxiety. Something was not quite right. I wondered if there was perhaps a middle way?

I did my research; I worked with mentors, financial coaches, women’s advocates. The notion that wellness practitioners (yoga teachers, healers, artists, etc) should live solely on the joy of helping others is a lie. In 2018 I launched two businesses in the wellness industry. After over a decade teaching and coaching individuals at different locations, I created and founded Salt & Spirit, a wellness center in Vancouver, Canada. But my main victory was not in opening a brick and mortar business, but in realizing that there is indeed another way.

I realized that there is another way: a way of making the corporate world work for us.

Instead of us working for the corporate world.

We can utilize corporate knowledge and skills to finally manifest our dreams, and ultimately make an impact to change the world.


what you get

- practical, step by step, unique plan to translate your vision/ dream into corporate terms

- business plan building

- how to get investors to pick your business: pitch offering know hows + tips

- resources on business strategies, financial intelligence (aka how to make and hold money), marketing, and intellectual property

- ongoing support to help you leverage your unique skills and personality traits

How does it work?


We set up 1 to 10 one-on-one meetings either in person or online that will take you through the following process:

1) CLARITY. Identify your needs. Together we discover where you’re feeling stuck at, what needs to be changed, and what your natural skills are (we all have them!)

2) PROJECTION + ATTRACTION. Build an initial plan with actionable steps, unique for you, but grounded and informed by tested, time proven techniques.

3) INTEGRATION. Accountability steps, resources, exercises, and skill building tools that will help you integrate and manifest your plans.

*Does it work? Of course it does. If you COMMIT to it, act, and follow through.


This Program is for you if:

  • You have a great business idea but you have no idea how to bring it to life.

  • You already have a practice (particularly in the wellness industry), and you’re not monetizing from it.

  • You work at a corporate setting and are thinking about changing careers to finally follow your passion.

  • The 9 to 5 climbing the corporate ladder isn’t for you.

  • You want to find meaning out of work, while also being fairly compensated for it.

  • You are not afraid of commitment, hard work, and all that it takes to be an entrepreneur or business owner.

    This Program is NOT FOR YOU IF:

  • You are not ready or willing to fully commit.

  • You are not willing to make time for your dreams - which could mean working late hours, weekends, and holidays.

  • You are not willing to thinking outside the box and being resourceful.

  • You are not willing to study and master subjects that are outside your comfort zone.



Single Session

Hourly Rate $150

A one hour session in person or online to answer your most pressing questions.

Access to applicable resources to support you (templates, spread sheets, tutorials).

MAGNETIC SHIFT - 5 sessions

5 weeks: $1,100

5 one-on-one sessions in person or online to help you get started - find clarity, discover your purpose, and craft a business or career path that supports YOU.

  • Unlimited email communication during the program.

  • Business plan building - clarity around your products and/or services, discover the best structure to serve you.

  • Ongoing coaching and support - developing the confidence to tell others about your offering.

  • Marketing analysis and critique. (Website, social media, promotional materials and strategy.)

  • Access to applicable business resources - business plan, pitch deck, marketing and copyrighting tools.

  • This program is designed to be completed in 6 months.

  • Payment plans are available.

MAGNETIC SUCCESS - 10 sessions

10 weeks: $2,200

10 one-on-one sessions in person or online to help you launch your business or make the necessary changes to take make your current business truly Magnetic.

  • We will cover everything you need to know to launch your Magnetic Business! From business planning to pitching your plan to investors, to full financial strategy and planning.

  • Access to all of my resources, from business planning and career shift, to financial planning, contract drafting, space hunting and techniques for dealing with realtors and contractors (for brick and mortar businesses), applicable marketing and legal tools, and more.

  • This is it! You’re fully in, ready, and willing!

  • This program is designed to be completed in 6 months.

  • Payment plans are available.

If you are ready to fully commit to your dreams, fill out the form below and tell me more about your business goals.

If you have any questions, we can set up a 30 mins complimentary phone call. Just make sure to request it on the form below.

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