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Our Mission

Integrating body, mind, and spirit, we empower you to become the best version of yourself.


Our Vision

Unlock wellness in an integrative, fun and accessible way.

Our Story

A former lawyer in NYC, owner Roberta Vommaro knows about the pressures of the corporate world.

“I was so stressed at some point that I ended up in the hospital with a serious kidney infection. I used to practice yoga and meditation as a teenager, but since starting Law School, my workout routine was primarily focused on “being perfect” – obsessively checking body fat and weight. While my body was recovering, I couldn’t do my regular “no pain, no gain” fitness routine, so I decided to focus on meditation and mindful movement practices such as Kundalini Yoga and Pilates instead. And then something amazing happened - these practices completely changed my self image and my understanding of fitness and wellness. My movement practice became a playful self discovery, rather than an obsession for perfection. Pretty soon afterwards I quit a promising career as an International Tax lawyer to support others in their path to well-being.

I believe in combining the power of movement and strength building practices, with the mind balancing aspects of meditation and yoga. My unique approach to wellness and movement has helped hundreds of clients not only look better, but feel better about themselves. Salt & Spirit embodies everything I believe, practice, and teach around health and wellness. Our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.

We specialize in providing the accountability needed for you to finally live the life you want to live.

We’re ready if you are. Take the first step toward a more vibrant, authentic life:


Our Studio

Excerpts from Best Health Magazine

Health, Wellness and Ayurveda in Kitsilano

“I immediately feel lighter stepping into Salt & Spirit Wellness. The walls are as white as clouds, a mythically-proportioned gold gong shines at the back of the studio, and crystals shimmer in shades of violet, pink, and blue. It’s the elements you don’t see, however, that work the hardest to lend the studio its uplifting energy.

Owner Roberta Vommaro used Feng Shui to design the space—which is washed in natural light thanks to its former life as a photography studio—and laid down a bed of crystals underneath the hardwood floors that work to ground, balance emotion, and protect against negative energy.

The intentional interior design is part of Vommaro’s vision for a place that fosters healing, vitality, and connection. “I wanted to create a place for wellness where you can be yourself and feel good in your skin,” says Vommaro. This ethos is at the heart of the studio’s roster of Kundalini, Hatha, Pilates, and meditation classes. Originally from Brazil, Vommaro worked as a lawyer in New York City for years before inhumane hours and chronic stress finally landed her in the hospital with a kidney infection. “My body was showing signs that I needed to slow down,” says Vommaro. “That’s when I started to look at more meditative, energetic practices like Kundalini.”

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